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American BBA Liberal arts in international business

Informations générales

An American four-year English taught BBA in international business

An American Bachelor in International Business teaching students a variety of real life skills useful in both a personal as well as a professional environment, a multicultural experience living 2 years in France (Angers) and 2 years in the Unites States (Austin, Texas).

Niveau d'entrée
  • Bac
Type de formation
  • Formation initiale
Niveau de sortie
  • Bac+4

  • International business
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Bachelor of business administration with the purpose of transitioning to St Edward’s University, Austin, USA

  • Sans alternance
Lieu de formation
  • Year 1+2 at UCO, Angers, France | Year 3+4 St Edward’s University, Austin, Texas, USA

Frais de scolarité

Year 1 and year 2: 12 000€

Year 3 and year 4: 19 500* €
*Tuition fees based on 2018 rates; differential tuition rate for students transferring to SEU is set annually

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La formation en détail

Les + de la formation


Understanding Business Organizations

A program designed to help students understand organization as a whole and their place in the business market. Skills needed to manage a global business, education in finance and economics and managerial skills to apply to human behaviour in organizations.


General Education

Soft skills useful in a personal and professional environment. A balanced education underlining critical and creative thinking, moral reasoning, communicating, problem solving and assuming social responsibility. Education to American teaching standards by dedicated professors.


An international environment

Benefit from two solid universities with great campus infrastructures. Improve your language skills with an international business and management program entirely taught in English. Obtain a worldwide respected degree.


Create valuable networks for future opportunities

This BBA will prepare students to work in many different career fields such as Banking, Business analysis, Product development, Hospitality, IT management, Retail and Sales, Manufacturing or Operations management.


A 4-year Bachelor in international Business taught to American teaching standards

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Poursuite d'études

à l'UCO
  • MBA in International Business
  • Certificate of consultant in management
Autres possibilités
  • MBA in international business, economics and management in an American or European University or business school

Secteurs et métiers

  • Business analysis
  • Product development
  • Retail and Sales
  • Manufacturing or Operations management
  • Business communication
  • Finance

Pour quels profils ?

English language certificate

A level equivalent to B2 in English is required. An assessment of your proficiency in English is part of the application procedure.

Comment s'inscrire ?

I apply

Please contact by mail Zachary Prestwich (program coordinator).

My application is examined
Once received I finalize my registration

Online registration from early July. Please contact Zachary Prestwich (program coordinator).

Co?t de la formation

Year 1 and year 2: 12 000€

Year 3 and year 4: 19 500* €

*Based on 2018 rates at SEU, differential tuition rate for students transferring to SEU is set annually
Tuition fees do not include room and board or other miscellaneous fees (insurance, visa, etc.)
For possible scholarships in year 1 and 2, please contact the recruitment office at UCO.

Approximate cost of living:

  • Angers, France: ~ 800€ /month
  • Austin, USA: ~ 1100€ / month
  • Agenda

    Angers : ville étudiante où il fait bon vivre

    Logement, santé, vie culturelle, associations... Découvrez la vie étudiante sur le campus UCO d'Angers !

    En savoir plus


Program coordinator

Head of faculty of law and economics

étudiant international

Recrutement international
[email protected]
02 72 79 64 59


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